Tiffany Dover Is Dead* – NBC Podcast Investigates

As far as I know, NBC never did a single video segment on the Tiffany Dover story back in December 2020. They ignored or buried this story to the utmost extent. I remember this clearly because I noticed that only a handful of media outlets bothered to cover the Tiffany Dover story. Hell, I could barely find an independent YouTuber willing to cover the story. Just head over to YouTube and attempt to find any videos on the topic. For the most part, it’ll only be videos by the dinosaur press and Joe Leonard.

Sixteen months later, Brandy Zadrozny and NBC are suddenly interested in this story and it looks like they aim to set the record straight and put all of these unhinged theories to rest once and for all. Their new series, “Truthers”, will cover a variety of topics related to conspiracy theories and other thought crimes. The very first episode will cover Tiffany Dover. The first episode will release on Monday, April 18th:

‎Truthers: Tiffany Dover Is Dead* on Apple Podcasts

I was originally requested to appear as a guest on this podcast, but I declined. Nevertheless, I did react to its peculiar announcement in my recent video:

If you’re new to the Tiffany Dover story you can check out the Chronicles of Tiffany Dover, an entire playlist covering the story as it unfolded.


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