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Currently on Version 1.5

Link to Webpage [1]

See the Youtube Demo here for Version 1.3 Sorry, it is kind of blurry for some reason.

Update 1.6

- Changed over my previous categories to better reflect what is currently set up on the wiki. I've manually changed any items to coincide with the wiki categories that may have already been entered. This pulls from both slot and type so it should be properly reflected on what category it is.

- Added in a prompt to ask if the item has an effect. If it does it will create a box at the bottom of the property boxes, if not it won't put anything there.

- Added in a prompt to ask if there was any lore for the weapon. This will create a line item below the table with the beginning tag Lore: "Words you put in the box". If it doesn't have any lore just leave it blank and it won't create anything there.

Changelog 1.5:

- Changed the item name routine so you no longer need to add in underscores. Any spaces will automatically be changed to underscores when the code is printed out.

- Squashed a nasty bug where if you entered any of the new weapon types it wouldn't print out the proper display. Fixed so that behavior works now.

- Added meta tags. Maybe Google will be able to find it now.

- Added in a note that states not to enter the set bonuses as they are already there. That keeps the wiki from doubling up.

- Working on a 2.0 beta test page. I'll let you know when it is up as it should be easier to use than the prompts.

Changelog to 1.4

- Now if selecting type "Weapon" it will add in the proper category of One-Hand Slashing, Two-Hand Slashing if that information is entered

- Changed Weapon types to 1hs, 2hs, 1hb, 2hb, Piercing, and Bow. Don't worry they still reflect properly when the code is output, but this saves a little bit of input time.

- Changed how trinkets, shields, and spellcaster off-hands are looked at and processed by the program. The Categories output now reflects these changes by putting both the slot and the type of the item so people can search either the secondary category or the spellcaster category.

- Made the code box on the website automatically select all available text. No more need to scroll through it all just click, copy, and paste.

- Too many small code revisions to mention.

- Removed previously commented out location and dropped by fields.

- If you choose Shield, Trinket, or Spellcaster Off-Hand it will no longer ask you for the type of the item.

- If you choose Weapon as the type it will still ask if it is 1hs, 2hs, 1hb, 2hb, piercing, or a bow.

- If you choose Necklace as the item slot it will auto correct the slot to be output as Neck since that is the actual category that the item resides in. Maybe we can get those items updated in game.

Enjoy and let me know if you find any bugs so I can squash them.

-- Currently on the working list. Trying to find a way to upload and read pictures, or a way to just paste that picture text you got from another website and have it auto parse it.

Changelog to 1.3

- Uploaded to its own website. Now it can be accessed from anywhere without having to download additional files. (Hurrah!)

- Made asking Damage / Delay dependent on the TYPE entered. It must be entered either like One-Hand Slashing or one-hand slashing. One-Hand slashing will not trip the following checks properly and you may need to re-run the script.

- Added in a box that allows you to scroll through the text so it is never too long for the webpage

- Probably a few other things I've forgotten since earlier. I've generally optimized the script here and there.

Update 1.2


- I made the program a whole lot smarter.

- It now checks the slot to see if the item has a type value. If it is in Primary, Secondary, Range it will ask you for the Weapon Type, Shield, Spellcaster Off-Hand, or Trinket.

If the item is in Helmet, Shoulders, Bracers, Chest, Hands, Boots, Legs, or Belt it will ask you to fill in whether the item is Cloth, Leather, Chain, or Plate. - Simplified a few routines so it wasn't needing to check as much.

- Removed Location and Dropped by Prompt Boxes

- Added Help Link on HTML Page

- Added some comments in program to say what certain sections do.

- Added Category at the Bottom of the Page

- Added Wiki Tool Line at the Bottom of the Page

Changelog Version 1.1

- Added a prompt to ask how many properties an item has. You can currently say up to 20. If there's need for more in the future I can add them in somewhat easily.

-- This will then only prompt you for the number that you entered.

- The tool now checks what slot you enter during the prompt if it is equal to Primary, Secondary, Range or primary, secondary, range it will now ask you if it is a weapon. Otherwise it will go straight to properties.

- Changed DMG/DLY Prompt to ask if the item was a weapon first before prompting for these two properties.

- Moved a lot of code around.

- Added Version # as Header on HTML Page

- Added Link to Nevergrind's Logo at the top of the page. Will be removed at Maelfyn's request. It is currently pulling from the Wiki.

- Added a reset button. Now you don't have to refresh your browser for new items.

Version 1.0 Greetings All, Your Friendly Neighborhood Lost_Map Here.

I just completed a grueling haul of about 7 hours working on a tool that it is my hope it will make adding items to the Wiki a little bit easier for newcomers.

Here's How it Works:

Download this .HTML File - I promise it is 100% safe and won't do any damage to your machine.

Open the File in any web browser and click the friendly "Run Program" Button

It Will then ask you the following Questions:

Item name (Please use Underscores for Spaces you'll see why in a minute)

Item Slot

Item Type (Leave as None if Cloak, Jewlery, etc.)

Required Level

What NPC Dropped It

Where Did you get it (which zone)

Does it have damage?

Does it have delay?

Then it is going to ask you for Effects 1-7 For Example: Effect 1: Armor Effect 1 Amount: +1 Effect 2: Poison Resistance Effect 2 Amount: +15 Etc. Etc. Etc. If you need to add more effects you can either request it via a PM to me, or copy and paste one of the one that it prints out. If the item doesn't have 7 effects go ahead and leave it blank and it won't show up on the print out.

When you're done you get something exactly like this.

Lizardscale Cloak.JPG Lizardscale Cloak2.JPG

Properties Values
Slot Back
Type None
Required Level
Dropped By Unknown
Location Unknown
Armor +1
Intelligence +6
Alteration +2
Abjuration +1
Critical Damage +5%
Resist Poison +7
Mana Per Kill +2