Hardcore Mode

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You're not just here to grind. You are here to prove that mortals can defeat a God.

A Hardcore character is the same as a normal character expect for the following:

  • There are no bonuses for Hardcore players.
  • When a Hardcore character dies, the game ends. All the items and gold on the character are lost.
  • Hardcore characters have their own unique player bank separate from Normal characters.
  • Hardcore characters have their own ladder.
    • Dead hardcore characters will even retain whatever position on the Hardcore Ladder they may have achieved (albeit with their names in gray) until they have been surpassed by enough other players to knock them off the Ladder or deleted.
  • A dead hardcore character will stay on your character list until deleted.

Tips to enhance your Hardcore characters

  • Remember your fallen Hardcore Characters. They died so that future characters can succeed.
  • When you find a valuable item, immediately put it in the bank.
  • Be cautious. Don't start a battle when your emergency skills are on cooldown.
  • Use a normal character to scout later stages.
  • At some point your character may die, but there are 14 classes and 12 races to play.
  • Unconfirmed: Your Hardcore character will not die if you lose internet connectivity.