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Bards are utility hybrids that use the power of their songs to defeat their foes. Bard songs offer a lot of variety and can be used to achieve victory in a wide variety of circumstances. Their songs can lull monsters to sleep, inflict magical damage, slow your targets, and even charm a monster to fight for you. Bards also have a weak version of the tracking skill, which helps find rare monsters.

Class orientation: Utility Hybrid, Pet, Plate Armor

Bards, Necromancers, Enchanters, Magicians and Wizards are intelligence-based casters. This means that their mana pool is increased by their intelligence.


  • Track
  • Chords of Dissonance
  • Chant of Battle
  • Selo's Accelerando
  • Hymn of Restoration
  • Song of the Sirens
  • Boastful Bellow
  • Elemental Rhythms
  • Lucid Lullaby
  • Consonant Chain
  • Denon's Dissension
  • Chorus of Clarity
  • Anthem De Arms
  • Euphonic Hymn
  • Shield of Songs
  • Desperate Dirge


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