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Erudites live in the city of Wexxen and are a racial offshoot of humans known for their acumen and their intellect. Despite their common ancestry with humans, generations of geographic isolation and cultural dedication to the magic have left them weaker than their human counterparts. With the largest intelligence bonus of any race, they are gifted spellcasters, but they manage to make formidable paladins and shadow knights as well.

Racial skill: Surround yourself with a chromatic aegis that makes you highly resistant to all magic.

Available classes: Paladin, Shadow Knight, Cleric, Necromancer, Enchanter, Magician, Wizard.

Starting Attributes

Starting Attributes: STR: 60 STA: 70 AGI: 70 DEX: 70 WIS: 83 INT: 107 CHA: 70