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Rogues are offensive melee specialists. In addition to their excellent melee damage, they also have good crowd control skills that stun, blind, and silence. Rogues rely on building technique points to deliver powerful combo finishers. You gain technique points every time you use a skill that generates technique points.

Class orientation: Offensive Melee, Control, Chain Armor

Class Icon Rogue.PNG

Skill List

Skill Learned Type Description
Rogue Skill Shadow Strike.PNG Shadow Strike Level 1 Generator Shadow Strike your target for physical damage. Effect: Makes you invincible for .1 seconds.
Rogue Skill Lacerate.PNG Lacerate Level 2 Finisher
Lacerate your target for physical damage. Target bleeds for 4-20 seconds based on combo points. Effect: Increases physical damage by 2-10% based on your TP value.
Rogue Skill Evade.PNG Evade Level 3 Utility
Cooldown: 40 seconds. Disappear from combat for five seconds. If you attack while evading, you will ambush your target and stun them for five seconds and inflict an additional 60% damage. Effect: Evade makes mobs unable to target you. DoTs will still hit you and cancel Evade.
Rogue Skill Sonic Strike.PNG Sonic Strike Level 5 Generator
Cooldown: 15 seconds. Sonic Strike hits for physical damage. Effect: Causes a sonic wave that disrupts your target's spell.
Rogue Skill Backstab.PNG Backstab Level 7 Finisher Cooldown: 15 seconds. Backstab your target for physical damage. The minimum damage and multiplier varies based on your TP value. Agility affects your minimum damage. If you have a piercing weapon in your main hand, all finishers will benefit from a passive 20-point technique point bonus.
Rogue Skill Cold Blood.PNG Cold Blood Level 9 Utility
Cooldown: 60 seconds. Your next skill-based attack has a 100% chance of a critical hit and you absorb health.
Rogue Skill Flash Powder.PNG Flash Powder Level 11 Utility
Cooldown: 15 seconds. Blind your target by throwing flash powder in their eyes. They lose track of you, but if you attack them again the effect will wear off.
Rogue Skill Hyper Strike.PNG Hyper Strike Level 13 Generator
Hyper Strike hits for physical damage. Effect: Buffs your skill haste 30% for 30 seconds.
Rogue Skill Illusive Mist.PNG Illusive Mist Level 15 Utility
Cooldown: 24 seconds. Your outline shifts making you difficult to attack. All damage is reduced by 50% for 12 seconds.
Rogue Skill Stagger Shot.PNG Stagger Shot Level 17 Finisher
Cooldown: 25 seconds. Stagger Shot your target for physical damage. Effect: Stun your target. The minimum damage and stun duration varies based on your TP value.
Rogue Skill Widow Strike.PNG Widow Strike Level 20 Generator
Widow Strike inflicts poison damage every second for 24 seconds. Damage is based on your weapon skill and your weapon's damage. Effect: Prevents all passive regeneration effects.
Rogue Skill Lobotomize.PNG Lobotomize Level 24 Finisher
Cooldown: 22 seconds. Lobotomize your target for physical damage. Effect: Silences your target. The minimum damage and silence duration varies based on your TP value.
Rogue Skill Ancient Will.PNG Ancient Will Level 28 Utility
Cooldown: 20 seconds. You are possessed by an ancient presence that breaks you from fear, stun, and root effects. In your moment of desperation you are shielded by two mirages. Ancient Will is activated when you are affected by stun, fear, or root.
Rogue Skill Mirage Strike.PNG Mirage Strike Level 32 Generator
Cooldown: 15 seconds. Mirage Strike hits for physical damage. Effect: Create two mirages that act as decoys in combat. You can have up to five mirages at once. Mirages can absorb physical, magical, and DoT-based damage.
Rogue Skill Prowling Gash.PNG Prowling Gash Level 38 Finisher Cooldown: 30 seconds. Unleash a cone of multiple physical attacks. The damage varies based on your TP value.


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