Fastest Naturally Aspirated Toyota Celica GT of All Time With Time Slip

Okay, one of my claims to fame is that, at least for a significant period of time, I had the fastest known naturally aspirated 7th generation Toyota Celica GT quarter mile times in the world. In one particularly good run, I drove a 14.78 @ 93.42 mph. Not bad for a four-banger rated for 140 hp from the factory!

My Celica was a 5-speed with a an Injen air intake, header replacements, a fuel computer with some minor adjustments (which maybe did nothing), and a lot of weight reduction. I removed the entire exhaust system. Removed all of the interior except the driver’s seat. I removed the tow hooks. I removed the fog lights. I deflated the front tires to about 22 psi. All of that allowed me to break into the 14s and record a 14.78 quarter mile!

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