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The Ultimate Risk-Like Multiplayer Strategy Game Hits Steam!

At last, gamers can play the real-time Risk-like strategy game that the world has been waiting for! Firmament Wars was released via Steam’s Early Access on June 23rd. Throughout Early Access, several new maps and features have appeared. There will … Continue reading

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NWJS + Greenworks – Distributing a multiplayer HTML5 app to Steam + Web Backend

I didn’t see a good explanation on the web on the general workflow for deploying an nw.js app to Steam, so I made this video. I also mention how to use Greenworks to make it easy to talk to Steam’s … Continue reading

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Firmament Wars Icons

As a small indie development company, Neverworks Games is always looking for ways to keep development costs low. There is a constant need to come up with icons, but I don’t want to use common libraries like Font Awesome too … Continue reading

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Nevergrind Online – First Edition of Class Skills Unveiled

The development of Nevergrind Online, the co-operative multiplayer sequel to Nevergrind, is still in its infancy, but I thought I’d share this list of class skills that I drew up. The list of spells and skills is much simpler compared … Continue reading

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Announcement: Development of Nevergrind Online Has Begun!

I can confirm that I have started development on Nevergrind Online. Feel free to check out the progress on the Nevergrind 2 Test Server! Here’s what I can confirm: Original Nevergrind will continue to exist in its current state. Nevergrind … Continue reading

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Restore Your Default WordPress .htaccess File In a Subdirectory

Have to restore WordPress’s default .htaccess file? Installed WordPress in a subdirectory such as /blog? If so here’s a solution for you! Here’s what my .htaccess looks like as of version 4.2.2: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /blog/ RewriteRule … Continue reading

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Greensock Cheat Sheet – The Ultimate Quick Reference for GSAP

Here is a great resource to reference the best javascript animation library: GSAP. Source: Greensock Cheat Sheet

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