Nevergrind Online Press Kit

Nevergrind Online is a cooperative multiplayer online real-time roguelike RPG where you and a group of adventurers join forces to protect the Kingdom of Edenburg from the sinister forces of darkness. Form a party and venture forth to help restore peace and order to the Kingdom.


There are twelve races to choose from, each with their own passive traits and appearance. Each race has four male and four female avatars to choose from. Players are not shown in combat, but they are displayed as player avatars that you can choose at character creation. You can also distribute up to 10 attribute points to further customize your character at creation.

In town players can chat with anyone in town. The chat interface is familiar to anyone that has used or similar old-school chat interfaces. You can use your own private chat channels, add friends, and even form guilds to keep your allies organized. Direct messages, ignore lists, emotes, party commands, and guild commands all help players manage and organize themselves as they see fit.

The town of Edenburg has seven buildings where players can further customize, shop, train, check leaderboards, and check available quests. The tavern offers quests, information, and leaderboards. The academy allows you to train your skills. The merchant offers a variety of goods for sale. The bank allows you to store items that you can share with other characters on your account. The apothecary allows you to purchase potions, scrolls, and items that are useful for combat. The guild hall allows you to form and review your guild status. And, finally, the blacksmith offers the best selection of armor in all of Edenburg.

Once you accept a quest, you will enter a dungeon. All quests take place in subterranean dungeons that are procedurally generated labyrinths of rooms connected by dimly lit hallways. You’ll never play the same dungeon twice because they are all randomly generated. Each room may either be completely empty, contain treasure, contain mysterious curios, contain deadly monsters, or even a boss fight! Most quests task you with eliminating one of Edenburg’s deadly enemies that have been creating problems for our peaceful coastal Kingdom.

At first you only start with a short list of quests, but after you make enough progress you will unlock more and more quests as you gain the King’s trust as his trusted mercenary for hire. As you progress further throughout the story, you will acquire another puzzle piece and reveal the mystery of what is creating so much chaos in a world that was once orderly and peaceful.

Combat itself is real-time. There are no turns. There is no waiting! You can buff your allies. Call out your targets. Heal the tank. Stun monsters. Re-direct threat and more! Skills and spells used in combat generate threat which means that you have to be careful about managing your threat in combat. Mobs don’t just randomly target. They all have their own AI that determines who should be targeted. They’ll even heal each other in combat and use teamwork to defeat you!

All quests have a single-player and party difficulty setting. This way players can enjoy the game alone or on a more difficult setting designed for a full party. Of course with great risk comes great reward—the full party heroic setting comes with bonus rewards that solo adventurers don’t get!

Nevergrind Online takes a pretty unique approach to its multiplayer gameplay. In a multiplayer dungeon crawl, the party leader does all of the navigating. This allows the leader to drive while other party members can spend more time socializing and multi-tasking. I can’t think of another RPG that works this way, so it’s a rather unique take on how a cooperative RPG works. This keeps everyone’s position synchronized akin to how many 16-bit RPGs worked, such as Phantasy Star IV.


Development of Nevergrind Online was originally inspired by EverQuest. Its design and mechanics are also influenced by other successful RPGs such as World of Warcraft, Phantasy Star, and even more modern releases such as Darkest Dungeon.

After completing its first multiplayer game, Firmament Wars, Neverworks Games decided that it was time to develop a multiplayer real-time RPG rogue-like using the old single-player Nevergrind foundation. Despite using familiar race-class combinations from classic Nevergrind, all of the classes have been completely redesigned with cooperative multiplayer gameplay in mind. Each class can use up to 12 skills and level them up at the skill trainer at the academy in town.

Nevergrind Online was developed using a custom JavaScript engine built using many popular tools such as Pixi.js for drawing operations and Greensock for animation. Other popular libraries such as JQuery and lodash are used for common JavaScript utility. Its websocket traffic is routed using a PHP-based library called Thruway. The game is played on a packaged Chromium browser which is distributed using nw.js. The back-end is powered by PHP and MariaDB (a flavor of SQL). Some middle-tier caching is enabled by APCu, a high-performance non-distributed in-memory caching plugin.


A druid faces off against chilling foes in Galeblast Fortress
Our hero faces a formidable minotaur in the depths of a Anuran Ruins
A Crusader blasts a group of minotaurs as an avaik prepares its next attack
A troll shadow knight squares off against a trio of orcs
A dark elf ranger checks his weapons on a cool evening in Edenburg
Nevergrind Online’s title screen invites you to explore the world of Vandamor
The character creation screen offers a rich variety of choices to suit your play style


  • Kickstarter Campaign – Coming Soon

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Contact Information

Contact Joe Leonard at for all media-related queries.

Logos and Images

Gwendolyn, Nevergrind Online’s Mascot
Nevergrind Online Logo

Neverworks Games Logo
Nevergrind Online Gem Icon

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Joe Leonard – The Internet’s Definitive Fact-Checking Authority

Joe Leonard is the internet’s definitive fact-checking resource. When misinformation obscures the truth and viewers don’t know what to trust, Joe Leonard’s fact-checking and original, investigative reporting elucidates the truth. Joe always links to and documents his sources so readers are empowered to do independent research and make up their own minds.

Thinking for yourself is a dangerous activity that could possibly get you branded a conspiracy theorist or even a domestic terrorist! That’s why more and more people are outsourcing their thinking to Joe Leonard, the fact-checking expert! That way you don’t have to waste your time doing all of the tedious research and analysis yourself and get on with the other important responsibilities in your life.

Joe Leonard Researching Controversial Topics

How does it work? It’s all quite simple! All you have to do is download whatever my conclusions, which are always facts and never opinions. You download my conclusions just like a computer downloads information from a server and store them in your brain. Kind of like how a computer saves data in RAM or on a hard drive. We live in the future! Anachronistic data analysis models where millions of individuals research and come to their conclusions are bad for social cohesiveness and lead to chaos! You don’t like chaos, do you? NO! Only you can stop this madness!

That’s why you shouldn’t waste any time! When you’re looking for answers, go directly to Joe Leonard for all of your fact-checking needs!

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Tiffany Dover — Dead or Alive?

After several days of complete silence and an apparent gag order on her friends and family, people are starting to ask questions about the status of Tiffany Dover. I created a Twitter thread and a video which fully explore the topic. What do you think?

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Fastest Naturally Aspirated Toyota Celica GT of All Time With Time Slip

Okay, one of my claims to fame is that, at least for a significant period of time, I had the fastest known naturally aspirated 7th generation Toyota Celica GT quarter mile times in the world. In one particularly good run, I drove a 14.78 @ 93.42 mph. Not bad for a four-banger rated for 140 hp from the factory!

My Celica was a 5-speed with a an Injen air intake, header replacements, a fuel computer with some minor adjustments (which maybe did nothing), and a lot of weight reduction. I removed the entire exhaust system. Removed all of the interior except the driver’s seat. I removed the tow hooks. I removed the fog lights. I deflated the front tires to about 22 psi. All of that allowed me to break into the 14s and record a 14.78 quarter mile!

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2021 Peloton Bike Review – My Best Purchase of the Year

Well, 2020 has been one hell of a year. Once COVID-19 dropped and the gyms closed, I knew that it was time to pull the trigger and purchase a Peloton. I received it after five weeks and I haven’t had a single moment of regret. My wife and I both use it regularly and it has helped us stay fit throughout the difficult circumstances of a global pandemic.

It doesn’t seem that we’ll be getting back to normal any time soon. Maybe you should pick one up, too?! Watch my video and see if it’s the right solution for you.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Is Reddit’s Infamous maxwellhill?

In the video embedded below, I break down the most compelling evidence that maxwellhill is, in fact, Ghislaine Maxwell. In my mind it’s almost certain that this power moderator account has been in her control for the last 14 years.

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Nevergrind Online Development Continues!

I was balancing time between Nevergrind Online and other projects, but I would like to announce that I am completely focusing all of my spare time to the completion of Nevergrind Online! As with all game and software development ever, I am hesitant to point to a release date, but I will say that I am hopeful for a 2021 release.

Note that the version that previews Nevergrind Online on this website is an extremely early version that only included character creation, old artwork, and showed off the multiplayer chat room environment in town. That was all developed before deciding to target the release for Steam instead. After enjoying modest success with our first title, Firmament Wars, we decided that Nevergrind Online would be perfect as a distributed app on Steam.

Nevergrind Online will be a co-operative multiplayer dungeon crawler with up to six party members. It will draw inspiration from a variety of games including EverQuest, World of Warcraft, Phantasy Star, Diablo, and even Darkest Dungeon. The goal is to design a socially-oriented, challenging, multi-player cooperative experience for a group of friends. This is the kind of game you and your friends can play all night on a weekend while eating pizza and chugging Mountain Dew! If you don’t want to pull an all-nighter on a weekday while playing this game, then we did something wrong.

Nevergrind Online will be quite a bit different from our first installment. First of all, Nevergrind Online will not be a browser game. This time it is being developed with distribution on Steam in mind. So every nook and cranny of this game will be engineered for the best possible experience for gamers on Steam. The original Nevergrind only made money from micro-payments on bank slots. Perhaps that made sense for a browser game, but it’s a business model that is often leaves a door open to allow greed to taint the integrity of the game.

Frankly, we don’t think all forms of micro-payments are bad. For example, original Nevergrind made revenue by allowing players to expand the number of bank slots that were available. This is a great example of a feature that optionally expanded upon the game without tainting the game. This was a feature that I wish existed in Diablo 2! The bank space was so tiny and I wanted to save so many items!

We also have many more exciting surprises that we cannot announce quite yet, but we’re eager to make an announcement when the time is right! Until then you can join our Neverworks Discord for more updates!

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Download WarWizard 2 – The Demo That Led to EverQuest

I acquired a copy of the WarWizard 2 demo developed by Brad McQuaid and his crew at MicroGenesis. In the interest of posterity, and with Brad’s permission, I am distributing a copy of the demo on my blog:

Download the WarWizard 2 Demo

This is the demo that gave birth to EverQuest. John Smedley came across it and made a proposition to Brad to help create EverQuest. Just a few years later, EverQuest hit the shelves in March 16th, 1999.

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Everquest Project 1999 Titanium Download

You’re welcome!

Update: Or better yet just follow my easy-to-follow instructions to get started in 10 minutes:

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Leonard MMORPG Purity Test

Add up the points below to determine how your MMORPG scores on the Leonard MMORPG purity test:


  • 6 points – No raid instances
  • 8 points – No sharding
  • 2 points – No quest icons over NPCs
  • 2 points – No in-game tutorials
  • 5 points – Most damage done (MDD) for all non-raid mobs
  • 1 point – Items should have weight
  • 1 point – Encumbrance should negatively affect player stats
  • 2 points – Player name policy conventions are enforced
  • 1 point – Random names are suggested at character creation by race
  • 2 points – No transmog
  • 2 points – Race selection that impacts gameplay in terms of attributes/skills and faction (kill-on-sight).
  • 1 point – Deity selection that impacts gameplay in terms of faction/abilities (kill-on-sight).
  • 10 points – No cash shop
  • 10 points – No dungeon instances

Grouping & Loot

  • 8 points – No personal loot (instanced loot)
  • 8 points – No automated LFG/LFR finder/teleporters
  • 5 points – Master looting in raids only
  • 3 points – No item “rerolls” (for rare drops, etc)
  • 3 points – No automated dice rolls for loot
  • 3 points – No bind-on-pickup (BOP) items
  • 2 points – No artificial restrictions on equipping items like level or strength (race/class is fine)


  • 6 points – No Auction House
  • 1 point – Currency should have weight
  • 1 point – More than one denomination of currency


  • 2 points – Ability to create macros
  • 1 points – Weapon skills level up separately
  • 1 point – Weapon spells level up separately
  • 2 points – The number of spells you can memorize is constrained


  • 5 points – At least 20% of level exp lost on death at max level
  • 2 points – You can de-level on death
  • 3 points – Items stay on your corpse on death
  • 5 points – Corpses must be retrieved
  • 2 points – Corpses can be dragged by allies
  • 1 point – Allies can summon your corpse


  • 2 points – No Flying
  • 2 points – Travel must not be trivialized (subjective)
  • 1 point – No NPC-aided speed buffs
  • 2 points – No NPC-aided travel (ports)
  • 5 points – No in-game GPS
  • 1 points – No in-game maps

How did your MMORPG do? Comment below!

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