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Nevergrind Online Development Continues!

I was balancing time between Nevergrind Online and other projects, but I would like to announce that I am completely focusing all of my spare time to the completion of Nevergrind Online! As with all game and software development ever, … Continue reading

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Download WarWizard 2 – The Demo That Led to EverQuest

I acquired a copy of the WarWizard 2 demo developed by Brad McQuaid and his crew at MicroGenesis. In the interest of posterity, and with Brad’s permission, I am distributing a copy of the demo on my blog: Download the … Continue reading

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Twin Boys and Their Sister Eating Sweet Potatoes For the First Time

This was 7 years ago, but people seem to enjoy talking about it, so here it is.  

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20 Reasons EverQuest is the Greatest Game of All Time

Played it so much that I dropped out of college. Still no regrets.

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About Neverworks Games

Neverworks Games is a veteran-owned independent game development company founded by Joe Leonard. It was founded in 2015 with the vision of creating exciting gaming experiences with enduring value. Their first game was Nevergrind, a single-player browser RPG which received … Continue reading

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Nevergrind Online – First Edition of Class Skills Unveiled

The development of Nevergrind Online, the co-operative multiplayer sequel to Nevergrind, is still in its infancy, but I thought I’d share this list of class skills that I drew up. The list of spells and skills is much simpler compared … Continue reading

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Project 1999 Everquest Titanium ISO Client Download

All five ISOs available for download: Download EverQuest Titanium ISO Files If you want an easier way, check out my 10-minute quick install method to Get Started Playing EverQuest on Project 1999:

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All Classic EverQuest Sound Effects In One Convenient Zip File

No joke. Here it is: Credit to PilsnerDk and Shendare from reddit for helping make these available in response to my post.

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Create Stinger Transitions With Transparency for OBS & Twitch Using Sony Vegas Pro 15

Here’s a video explaining how to export videos with transparency in Sony Vegas Pro 15. You’ll need to use WinFF to convert them into webm format, which will work great as a stinger transition in OBS. WinFF is a free … Continue reading

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Announcement: Development of Nevergrind Online Has Begun!

I can confirm that I have started development on Nevergrind Online. Feel free to check out the progress on the Nevergrind 2 Test Server! Here’s what I can confirm: Original Nevergrind will continue to exist in its current state. Nevergrind … Continue reading

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