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Twin Boys and Their Sister Eating Sweet Potatoes For the First Time

This was 7 years ago, but people seem to enjoy talking about it, so here it is.  

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20 Reasons EverQuest is the Greatest Game of All Time

Played it so much that I dropped out of college. Still no regrets.

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About Neverworks Games

Neverworks Games is a veteran-owned independent game development company founded by Joe Leonard. It was founded in 2015 with the vision of creating exciting gaming experiences with enduring value. Their first game was Nevergrind, a single-player browser RPG which received … Continue reading

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A Message to the Two-Timing Two-Timer, Dr. Disrespect

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Nevergrind Online – First Edition of Class Skills Unveiled

The development of Nevergrind Online, the co-operative multiplayer sequel to Nevergrind, is still in its infancy, but I thought I’d share this list of class skills that I drew up. The list of spells and skills is much simpler compared … Continue reading

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Project 1999 Everquest Titanium ISO Client Download

All five ISOs available for download:

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All Classic EverQuest Sound Effects In One Convenient Zip File

No joke. Here it is: Credit to PilsnerDk and Shendare from reddit for helping make these available in response to my post.

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Create Stinger Transitions With Transparency for OBS & Twitch Using Sony Vegas Pro 15

Here’s a video explaining how to export videos with transparency in Sony Vegas Pro 15. You’ll need to use WinFF to convert them into webm format, which will work great as a stinger transition in OBS. WinFF is a free … Continue reading

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Announcement: Development of Nevergrind 2 Has Begun!

I can confirm that I have started development on Nevergrind 2. Feel free to check out the progress on the Nevergrind 2 Test Server! Here’s what I can confirm: Original Nevergrind will continue to exist in its current state. Most … Continue reading

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How to Record Console Games Using Hauppauge HD PVR – Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4

In this video I demonstrate how to record video from your consoles, including Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4. Check the video’s description for additional links to products that you will need. This is great if you want to … Continue reading

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