Announcement: Development of Nevergrind 2 Has Begun!

I can confirm that I have started development on Nevergrind 2. Feel free to check out the progress on the Nevergrind 2 Test Server! Here’s what I can confirm:

  • Original Nevergrind will continue to exist in its current state.
  • Most of the development of Nevergrind 2 will be live streamed on Twitch.
  • Nevergrind 2 will be a multiplayer real-time RPG powered by the same proven technology that powered the multiplayer engine in Firmament Wars.
  • The game design document is still being developed, but party size will probably be four.
  • Nevergrind 2 will be slower paced and easier to play compared to the original. Why, you may ask? The original game only had to update the client’s state. A game designed for a client-server relationship has to be more cautious about how much data is sent over the wire. Nevertheless, I believe the slower gameplay speed will actually be a good thing.
  • I am not sure how I will get art developed for this game. I just know that I want to make it. I’ll probably use art assets from part 1 as placeholders until I figure that out later.
  • The game will be free along with some optional monetization that will not affect enjoyment of the game.
  • The game will allow the use of single sign-on via Google, Kongregate, and perhaps others, making it easier to get friends to join.
  • At this time I am planning eight classes.
  • The game will feature real-time chat, friends lists, whispering, and so on.
  • The game will be heavily focused on cooperative team-based combat and finding rare items.
  • Development will be focused on supporting desktop and laptop browsers. Mobile support may be developed later if it is popular, and I will do my best to keep considerations for mobile in mind.

UPDATE: It has only been a few months, but here are some screenshots of its progress so far:



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  • Victor Blouch

    Why can’t we buy gems in one?
    Please fix the link, I will invest.

    • Oh, it’s broken? Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to iron it out, tonight. I must have messed something up in my last patch.

      • Victor Blouch

        Thanks, you may want to look at Greenthorn dungeon on nightmare mode. It is not loading the quest, you can grind all day but can’t move forward.

        • Strange. I’ll take a look at it.

          • Victor Blouch

            Thanks for fixing that but there is a new problem. I don’t mean to be such a pain. As you can see there is an undefined amount in this one. Updates, you have to expect some glitches, glad I can help. Great games! The Dark Undertaking, part one

          • Oh, undefined amount where??? I’ll check when I get home if I can see what you mean. I guess you mean somewhere on the character stat sheet.

          • Victor Blouch

            For the quest target count “undefined/10” I tried to post a screen shot but it didn’t take sorry

        • I’m going to look at the Greenthorn quest tonight.

    • The store has been fixed. Give me your account name and I will credit your account, too! There are a few known bugs that I am still working on and I’ll be working on them, tonight.

      • I found you and spotted you 500 crystals! Just let me know here or in discord if you find more bugs ::rolls eyes::

        • Victor Blouch

          Thanks for the 500! No need to spot me anymore, I am glad I can help. I only have one hand so this game makes it easy for me to play.