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Nevergrind is the world’s first browser game to feature image, video, and hyperlinks sharing via in-game chat

Today, I enabled a feature rather unusual for a browser game: images and hyperlinks in chat. This includes animated gif files, as well. Images can be shared using a familiar UBB tag: [img][/img] Here’s an example of an image in … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Zzion, Nevergrind’s first level 99 hardcore character!

The first character to hit level 99 is a human cleric named Zzion. It has been about 2 1/2 months since Nevergrind publically launched its server accounts. The path to level 99 is littered and strewn with the corpses of … Continue reading

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Nevergrind, breakout browser RPG, sets new monthly high with 100k pageviews

Nevergrind, the EverQuest-inspired HTML5 browser RPG, climbed to new heights in June, 2015, with 102,477 pageviews across 13,033 sessions and 5,063 unique users. The previous record, 94,044, was set in April, 2015, when the game was initially launched along with … Continue reading

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New feature: chat suddenly appears in Nevergrind

Check out the enlightening discussion taking place only at!

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Nevergrind’s first chat command appears: the /who command

Here it is in all its glory. Now you can discover who those other brave heroes are with a simply /who command. It might look familiar. Here is Maelfyn chilling in Salubrin Forest whilst Earth and Aaron are grinding it … Continue reading

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Nevergrind breaks its all-time monthly pageview record

Old record was 94,044 in April throughout the Kickstarter. The site had about double the users and session, but most of them were just drive-bys as a result of the promotion. So this month’s traffic is “higher quality” and more … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: New Elite Set Items for All Classes!

Check out the items coming soon to Nevergrind! I plan to put them in the game this weekend. I will try to get them in the game on the 13th. Until then check out the Nevergrind Wiki where you can … Continue reading

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Nevergrounds Progress Update

Made great progress on the Nevergrounds today.┬áJust about every statistic from the character sheet is now displayed. I left out some sensitive data like gold! That’s a secret!

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Nevergrounds Construction – Character Page Progress

Making some great progress on the Nevergrounds. The character profile page now lists some basic statistics. There’s even a profile views counter for more heated e-peen comparisons!

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Nevergrounds almost a thing

The Nevergrounds now sort of works. You can actually search for character names and pull up delimited strings of data about each character. This is the best it will ever look. I decided that this design is really cool and … Continue reading

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