How to Play Firmament Wars

Firmament Wars is a multiplayer strategy game. The goal of Firmament Wars is to eliminate all enemy troops from the game. You start with your troops in your capital and you must explore the map to acquire more tiles.

Turns Explained

The gameplay unfolds in a series of real-time turns. Every time a turn ends, all players receive energy to perform tasks like move troops, deploy troops, or attack. If you don’t spend your energy, it will accumulate like all other resources, such as food and science.


Each tile provides varied amounts of food, production, and culture. Food is used to create more reserve troops. Science is used to deploy troops, build structures, and weapons. Culture provides Great People, which provides resource rewards and powerful abilities. You can also attack barbarian tribes on the map which provide random rewards to the conquering player.


Most actions in Firmament Wars have hotkeys. Each hotkey is indicated in yellow on the action panel. Use hotkeys for best results! Clicking every action will slow down your ability to issue commands to your troops!

Command (Cost Energy):

  • A: Attack – Send troops in the tile to attack or move. No, you cannot attack yourself.
  • S: Split Attack – Split move/attack your troops into two to cover area more quickly or to attack more conservatively.
  • D: Deploy army – Deploy reserve troops earned from food milestones to the battlefield.
  • R: Rush troops – Instantly add troops to the battlefield using 2 energy. Troops deployed equals 2 plus 1 for every 50 culture bonus %. Note that rushing troops does not cost reserve troops that you have earned from filling your food bar. This is an important distinction.

Build (Cost Science):

  • B: Build bunker/wall/fortress – Increase tile defenses. Each structure adds +1 to tile defense. Capitals also start with +1 defense. Since they can have a huge impact on battle results, structures are very important! They are indicated by yellow bars on each tile. It’s important to pay attention to them.
    • Bunker +1 defense; -1 weapon damage
    • Wall +2 defense; -3 weapon damage
    • Fortress +3 defense; -6 weapon damage
    • Capitals +1 defense
  • C: Cannons – Attack adjacent tiles with cannons. Starts at 2-4 damage. Damage upgraded +1 by Great Generals. 2-second cooldown.
  • M: Missile – Attack any enemy tile on the map with a powerful missile attack. More powerful than cannons. Starts at 7-12 damage. Damage upgraded +2 by Great Generals. 5-second cooldown.
  • N: Nuke – Destroys all defensive structures, except palaces, and 80-99% of troops. 30-second cooldown.


  • Y: Masonry – Unlocks bunkers
  • O: Construction – Unlocks walls
  • G: Gunpowder – Unlocks cannons
  • E: Engineering – Unlocks walls and fortresses
  • K: Rocketry – Unlocks missiles
  • T: Atomic Theory – Unlocks nukes
  • F: Future Tech – Unlocks a random Great Person



  • Free movement through own tiles
  • Start with gunpowder
  • Start with a bunker
  • 2x maximum army attack size


  • +2 defense
  • +1 culture from 2 food
  • 50% starting culture bonus
  • +2 cannon damage


  • 4x maximum troop deployment
  • +3 reserve troops when you lose a tile
  • 50% starting science bonus
  • Reduced culture milestone requirement


  • Overrun: Instant win with 4x advantage
  • Infiltration: -1 structure defense
  • Fast growth: Reduced food milestone requirement
  • +2 troop reward bonus


  • +1 attack
  • +1 attack from tiles with structures
  • +4 attack vs barbarians
  • Bonus troop with each deployment


  • +1 energy
  • Combat medics heal 50% troops upon victory
  • Start with masonry
  • +50% plunder reward bonus from barbarians


  • Start with a great person
  • +1 science from 4 food
  • Can deploy troops to uninhabited territory
  • 2x discovered reward bonus from barbarians


  • Defensive structures help against armies and weapons.
  • Culture Bonus increases the number of troops rushed by 1 every 30%!
  • Try to conquer tiles with food resources to help acquire troops faster.
  • In the early game try to conquer barbarian tribes to receive special resource awards.
  • Get construction early so that you can place a bunker or two at a key location on the map!

Culture Rewards

  • Great General: +1 attack for troops in all tiles
  • Great Tactician: +1 defense for troops in all tiles
  • Great Industrialist: +2 energy
  • Great Humanitarian: +50% food
  • Great Scientist: +50% science
  • Great Artist: +50% culture
  • Great Revolutionary: Instantly flips an enemy tile to your side

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