Nevergrind Online – First Edition of Class Skills Unveiled

The development of Nevergrind Online, the co-operative multiplayer sequel to Nevergrind, is still in its infancy, but I thought I’d share this list of class skills that I drew up. The list of spells and skills is much simpler compared to the original. In one sense the design of Nevergrind Online is a more simple, but it’s also more complex in the sense that the game itself will be multiplayer co-op over a network.

Nevergrind Online Character Creation

Like the original, there are 12 races and 14 classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This time around classes are divided into five roles: tanks, physical DPS, magical DPS, healers, and utility roles. Each party will allow for six players, similar to classic EverQuest, the game that originally inspired Nevergrind in the first place. I gave each class a maximum of eight skills or spells. Some classes, warriors, rogues, and monks, only have four skills because they don’t have any magic skills. But I think this could be a good design decision for players that prefer a simple, but effective, style of gameplay.
I quickly threw together the list below in a cheesy text file, but I think it’s easy enough to figure out what I have in mind. The skills show what level the skill is unlocked, the name of the skill, and perhaps some additional detail about the skill, such as the spell school or the effect. Leave a comment below or provide feedback if you have any cool ideas! It’s still very early in development, so all of this is subject to change.



  • 1 Bash
  • 4 Taunt
  • 8 Kick
  • 16 Demoralize AE taunt (debuff str AE)


  • 1 Lay Hands
  • 4 Bash
  • 8 Taunt
  • 9 Healing I alt
  • 15 Blessed Hammer I conj
  • 22 Smite I evo
  • 30 Resolution I alt
  • 39 Holy Might alt


  • 1 Harm Touch
  • 4 Bash
  • 8 Taunt
  • 9 Life Tap evo
  • 15 Engulfing Darkness I conj
  • 22 Blood Boil conj
  • 30 Invoke Fear alt
  • 39 Wave of Horror alt (debuff AC AE)



  • 1 Trueshot Strike (cannot parry, riposte)
  • 4 Kick
  • 8 Ensnare
  • 9 Ignite I evo
  • 15 Faerie Flame conj
  • 22 Careless Lightning evo
  • 30 Healing alt
  • 39 Feet Like Cat alt


  • 1 Roundhouse Kick (cannot parry, riposte)
  • 4 Mend
  • 8 Feign Death
  • 16 Intimidation


  • 1 Backstab (cannot parry, riposte)
  • 4 Evade (adds threat to a tank)
  • 8 Widow Strike
  • 16 Flash Powder



  • 1 Healing alt
  • 4 Starfire evo
  • 8 Skin Like Wood alt (hp regen, AC, HP)
  • 12 Drifting Death conj
  • 16 Tornado evo
  • 20 Endure Lightning alt
  • 25 Lightning Blast evo
  • 30 Chloroplast alt (hp regen)


  • 1 Holy Might I evo
  • 4 Smite I evo
  • 8 Blessed Hammer I conj
  • 12 Healing I alt
  • 16 Resolution I alt (same line with SLW)
  • 20 Symbol of Yentus alt (own HP buff line)
  • 25 Endure Bleed alt
  • 30 Armor of Faith I alt


  • 1 Healing alt
  • 4 Frost Rift evo
  • 8 Plague conj
  • 12 Drowsy alt (slow attack speed)
  • 16 Spirit of the Bear alt (str and sta)
  • 20 Cannibalize alt
  • 25 Endure Cold alt
  • 30 Talisman of Trogmaar alt (own HP buff line)



(30-second buffs, 2 second cast time)
  • 1 Chant of Battle alt (+atk +dex)
  • 4 Hymn of Restoration alt (+hp regen)
  • 8 Boastful Bellow evo (DD)
  • 12 Consonant Chain alt (slow target)
  • 16 Lucid Lullaby conj (mes target)
  • 20 Elemental Rhythms alt (+all resists)
  • 25 Chorus of Clarity alt (+mp regen)
  • 30 Siren’s Song conj (charm)


  • 1 Discordant Mind evo (magic DD)
  • 4 Color Shift alt (stun)
  • 8 Alacrity alt (atk speed)
  • 12 Dazzle alt single target mes
  • 16 Gasping Embrace conj magic DOT
  • 20 Clarity alt (+mp regen)
  • 25 Cajoling Whispers conj (charm)
  • 30 Mystic Rune alt (non-combat hp shield)



  • 1 Engulfing Darkness I conj
  • 4 Invoke Death conj
  • 8 Venom Bolt evo (dd)
  • 12 Blood Boil conj
  • 16 Invoke Fear alt
  • 20 Life Tap evo
  • 25 Endure Poison alt
  • 30 Devouring Plague conj (heals self and DoT)


  • 1 Lava Bolt evo dd
  • 4 Summon Elemental conj 4 types
    • fire: +melee damage
    • cold: cold DD, slow target
    • earth: boost hp regen
    • air: stun/interrupt
  • 8 Frozen Orb evo
  • 12 Elemental Fury conj (pet ability)
  • 16 Psionic Storm evo
  • 20 Malaise alt (-lower all resists)
  • 25 Endure Fire alt
  • 30 Stasis Field conj cannot attack or be attacked


  • 1 Ice Bolt evo
  • 4 Arcane Missiles conj (channeled)
  • 8 Mana Shield alt (damage reduced and subtracts from mp)
  • 12 Fireball evo
  • 16 Vizier’s Shielding alt (+mp regen, +all resists self)
  • 20 Lightning Strike evo
  • 25 Glacial Spike evo DD + freezes target
  • 30 Mirror Images conj (5*3% damage and absorbs hits)
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Project 1999 Everquest Titanium Download

All five ISOs available for download:

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All Classic EverQuest Sound Effects In One Convenient Zip File

No joke. Here it is:

Credit to PilsnerDk and Shendare from reddit for helping make these available in response to my post.

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Create Stinger Transitions With Transparency for OBS & Twitch Using Sony Vegas Pro 15

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Announcement: Development of Nevergrind 2 Has Begun!

I can confirm that I have started development on Nevergrind 2. Feel free to check out the progress on the Nevergrind 2 Test Server! Here’s what I can confirm:

  • Original Nevergrind will continue to exist in its current state.
  • Most of the development of Nevergrind 2 will be live streamed on Twitch.
  • Nevergrind 2 will be a multiplayer real-time RPG powered by the same proven technology that powered the multiplayer engine in Firmament Wars.
  • The game design document is still being developed, but party size will probably be four.
  • Nevergrind 2 will be slower paced and easier to play compared to the original. Why, you may ask? The original game only had to update the client’s state. A game designed for a client-server relationship has to be more cautious about how much data is sent over the wire. Nevertheless, I believe the slower gameplay speed will actually be a good thing.
  • I am not sure how I will get art developed for this game. I just know that I want to make it. I’ll probably use art assets from part 1 as placeholders until I figure that out later.
  • The game will be free along with some optional monetization that will not affect enjoyment of the game.
  • The game will allow the use of single sign-on via Google, Kongregate, and perhaps others, making it easier to get friends to join.
  • At this time I am planning eight classes.
  • The game will feature real-time chat, friends lists, whispering, and so on.
  • The game will be heavily focused on cooperative team-based combat and finding rare items.
  • Development will be focused on supporting desktop and laptop browsers. Mobile support may be developed later if it is popular, and I will do my best to keep considerations for mobile in mind.

UPDATE: It has only been a few months, but here are some screenshots of its progress so far:


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I competed in Massachusetts, won at the store level, in Fitchburg, proceed to win at the regional level in Boston, and then came in 28th place overall in Florida.

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