The Ultimate Risk-Like Multiplayer Strategy Game Hits Steam!

At last, gamers can play the real-time Risk-like strategy game that the world has been waiting for! Firmament Wars was released via Steam’s Early Access on June 23rd. Throughout Early Access, several new maps and features have appeared. There will be about 12 maps upon the official full release on August 8th, 2018.

Several key new maps have appeared such as a larger world map, China, Germany, and a map called Europe Mena, which includes Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Firmament Wars also more than double the number of flags in the game, including every existing nation, US state flags, and several more historic flags.

Two new leaderboards also show off the top ranking nations, by actual player nation, and the top ranking nations by player flag choice. So you’re not only playing for your own state, but for your nation and flag as well!

No other Risk-like game on Steam compares. I checked out the reviews for other Risk-like games on the platform and they all seem to lack proper network multiplayer and other features that one would expect from a Risk-like game. Add in the fact that games only take 15-20 minutes and you have a unique and refreshing way to enjoy the gameplay of Risk without waiting for your turn and exorbitant time commitments. Most of the other Risk games had moderate or unfavorable ratings, but, at this time, Firmament Wars is maintaining its perfect 100% rating. We’ll see how long that lasts… !

Firmament Wars is a great party game to play with friends with a lot of potential for future content. I could easily add more content and features such as custom flags, more maps, scenario modes, and perhaps a bigger tech tree! Check it out and let me know what you think!

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About Neverworks Games

Neverworks Games is a veteran-owned independent game development company founded by Joe Leonard. It was founded in 2015 with the vision of creating exciting gaming experiences with enduring value.

Their first game was Nevergrind, a single-player browser RPG which received widespread praise after a successful Kickstarter in 2015. Its development started in 2012 and was a labor of love for many years. Thousands of people have played Nevergrind and it continues to be enjoyed, today.

Neverworks moved on to its next game, Firmament Wars, which was originally developed for browsers, but was ultimately released on Steam in August, 2018. Early Access started on June 23rd, 2018. Firmament Wars is a multiplayer real-time strategy game featuring tile-based warfare on a multitude of maps.

Firmament Wars - Earth Omega

Firmament Wars – Earth Omega

They are also working on Nevergrind 2, the follow-up to its popular initial offering, Nevergrind. And this time it will be multiplayer! Parties of up to six players can team up to explore Vandamor’s most daunting dungeons! Nevergrind 2 will feature more rogue-like elements including traps, scouting, and a grid-based dungeon crawl system.

Nevergrind battle scene – Currently in development!


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NWJS + Greenworks – Distributing a multiplayer HTML5 app to Steam + Web Backend

I didn’t see a good explanation on the web on the general workflow for deploying an nw.js app to Steam, so I made this video. I also mention how to use Greenworks to make it easy to talk to Steam’s API to do authentication and achievements.

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Firmament Wars Early Access on Steam Begins!

Firmament Wars is now available for purchase for $4.99 on Steam. The game is available in 13 different languages:

Firmament is scheduled for a full release on August 8th, 2018 (8/8/18)! I plan to do bug fixes, optimizations, and add more maps to the game up until that time. If you want to give feedback, join the Neverworks Games Discord Server and give us some feedback in the #firmament-wars channel!

Also, if anyone would like to help improve the translations, I am accepting help! I’d be happy to accept help from anyone that is an expert in the languages shown above.

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Firmament Wars now in Beta on Steam

Valve has approved our build and Firmament Wars is now playable via Steam! If you’re interested in joining the beta, join the Neverworks Games Discord Server and request a key. Go to the Firmament Wars channel and feel free to give feedback, make suggestions, and report any bugs you find.

Firmament Wars is scheduled for release on July 6th, 2018 for the Windows operating system.

Firmament Wars - Earth Omega

Firmament Wars – Earth Omega

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Firmament Wars – Official Trailer – Coming to Steam July 6, 2018!

If all goes according to plan, Firmament Wars will be on Steam July 6th, 2018. Check out the trailer below!

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Firmament Wars Icons

As a small indie development company, Neverworks Games is always looking for ways to keep development costs low. There is a constant need to come up with icons, but I don’t want to use common libraries like Font Awesome too much. I don’t want my games to look like a web page! But I did find an awesome website called Icons8 that has a plethora of free icons. I used them quite a bit in the development of Firmament Wars for its in-game iconography and for its Steam achievements.

Where needed I also made minor adjustments to some of the icons such as changing the color to grayscale or rotating their hue, but most of them were used as-is!

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Nevergrind Online – First Edition of Class Skills Unveiled

The development of Nevergrind Online, the co-operative multiplayer sequel to Nevergrind, is still in its infancy, but I thought I’d share this list of class skills that I drew up. The list of spells and skills is much simpler compared to the original. In one sense the design of Nevergrind Online is a more simple, but it’s also more complex in the sense that the game itself will be multiplayer co-op over a network.

Nevergrind Online Character Creation

Like the original, there are 12 races and 14 classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This time around classes are divided into five roles: tanks, physical DPS, magical DPS, healers, and utility roles. Each party will allow for six players, similar to classic EverQuest, the game that originally inspired Nevergrind in the first place. I gave each class a maximum of eight skills or spells. Some classes, warriors, rogues, and monks, only have four skills because they don’t have any magic skills. But I think this could be a good design decision for players that prefer a simple, but effective, style of gameplay.
I quickly threw together the list below in a cheesy text file, but I think it’s easy enough to figure out what I have in mind. The skills show what level the skill is unlocked, the name of the skill, and perhaps some additional detail about the skill, such as the spell school or the effect. Leave a comment below or provide feedback if you have any cool ideas! It’s still very early in development, so all of this is subject to change.



  • 1 Bash
  • 4 Taunt
  • 8 Kick
  • 16 Demoralize AE taunt (debuff str AE)


  • 1 Lay Hands
  • 4 Bash
  • 8 Taunt
  • 9 Healing I alt
  • 15 Blessed Hammer I conj
  • 22 Smite I evo
  • 30 Resolution I alt
  • 39 Holy Might alt


  • 1 Harm Touch
  • 4 Bash
  • 8 Taunt
  • 9 Life Tap evo
  • 15 Engulfing Darkness I conj
  • 22 Blood Boil conj
  • 30 Invoke Fear alt
  • 39 Wave of Horror alt (debuff AC AE)



  • 1 Trueshot Strike (cannot parry, riposte)
  • 4 Kick
  • 8 Ensnare
  • 9 Ignite I evo
  • 15 Faerie Flame conj
  • 22 Careless Lightning evo
  • 30 Healing alt
  • 39 Feet Like Cat alt


  • 1 Roundhouse Kick (cannot parry, riposte)
  • 4 Mend
  • 8 Feign Death
  • 16 Intimidation


  • 1 Backstab (cannot parry, riposte)
  • 4 Evade (adds threat to a tank)
  • 8 Widow Strike
  • 16 Flash Powder



  • 1 Healing alt
  • 4 Starfire evo
  • 8 Skin Like Wood alt (hp regen, AC, HP)
  • 12 Drifting Death conj
  • 16 Tornado evo
  • 20 Endure Lightning alt
  • 25 Lightning Blast evo
  • 30 Chloroplast alt (hp regen)


  • 1 Holy Might I evo
  • 4 Smite I evo
  • 8 Blessed Hammer I conj
  • 12 Healing I alt
  • 16 Resolution I alt (same line with SLW)
  • 20 Symbol of Yentus alt (own HP buff line)
  • 25 Endure Bleed alt
  • 30 Armor of Faith I alt


  • 1 Healing alt
  • 4 Frost Rift evo
  • 8 Plague conj
  • 12 Drowsy alt (slow attack speed)
  • 16 Spirit of the Bear alt (str and sta)
  • 20 Cannibalize alt
  • 25 Endure Cold alt
  • 30 Talisman of Trogmaar alt (own HP buff line)



(30-second buffs, 2 second cast time)
  • 1 Chant of Battle alt (+atk +dex)
  • 4 Hymn of Restoration alt (+hp regen)
  • 8 Boastful Bellow evo (DD)
  • 12 Consonant Chain alt (slow target)
  • 16 Lucid Lullaby conj (mes target)
  • 20 Elemental Rhythms alt (+all resists)
  • 25 Chorus of Clarity alt (+mp regen)
  • 30 Siren’s Song conj (charm)


  • 1 Discordant Mind evo (magic DD)
  • 4 Color Shift alt (stun)
  • 8 Alacrity alt (atk speed)
  • 12 Dazzle alt single target mes
  • 16 Gasping Embrace conj magic DOT
  • 20 Clarity alt (+mp regen)
  • 25 Cajoling Whispers conj (charm)
  • 30 Mystic Rune alt (non-combat hp shield)



  • 1 Engulfing Darkness I conj
  • 4 Invoke Death conj
  • 8 Venom Bolt evo (dd)
  • 12 Blood Boil conj
  • 16 Invoke Fear alt
  • 20 Life Tap evo
  • 25 Endure Poison alt
  • 30 Devouring Plague conj (heals self and DoT)


  • 1 Lava Bolt evo dd
  • 4 Summon Elemental conj 4 types
    • fire: +melee damage
    • cold: cold DD, slow target
    • earth: boost hp regen
    • air: stun/interrupt
  • 8 Frozen Orb evo
  • 12 Elemental Fury conj (pet ability)
  • 16 Psionic Storm evo
  • 20 Malaise alt (-lower all resists)
  • 25 Endure Fire alt
  • 30 Stasis Field conj cannot attack or be attacked


  • 1 Ice Bolt evo
  • 4 Arcane Missiles conj (channeled)
  • 8 Mana Shield alt (damage reduced and subtracts from mp)
  • 12 Fireball evo
  • 16 Vizier’s Shielding alt (+mp regen, +all resists self)
  • 20 Lightning Strike evo
  • 25 Glacial Spike evo DD + freezes target
  • 30 Mirror Images conj (5*3% damage and absorbs hits)
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Project 1999 Everquest Titanium ISO Client Download

All five ISOs available for download:

Download EverQuest Titanium ISO Files

If you want an easier way, check out my 10-minute quick install method to Get Started Playing EverQuest on Project 1999:

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All Classic EverQuest Sound Effects In One Convenient Zip File

No joke. Here it is:

Credit to PilsnerDk and Shendare from reddit for helping make these available in response to my post.

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